deciBel Software

Software Engineering

deciBel Research software engineers are responsible for developing and maintaining powerful and widely applicable software products and tools in support of various efforts. deciBel software engineers have a very broad and extensive set of skills and experience, which allows them to produce high quality products with increasing capabilities.

deciBel Research provides to its customers, at no extra charge, access to scientific libraries and tools designed to provide consistent and efficient mathematical and physics modeling for radar sensor, system, and threat simulation.  The source code to these libraries and tools is provided with each release under a generous license. A common code repository is kept so that development efforts contribute to this set of shared resources. By leveraging development work of multiple efforts, we are able to support a wider variety of models to our customers for use within their projects and for enhancing the analysis tasks we perform for them.
deciBel software engineers are versed in a variety of programming languages but the majority of these codes are written in ANSI C and C++ and are designed to run efficiently on Linux systems using a GNU compiler.

To date three identifiable and separable products have been defined. These are dBLibs, dBTools and dBRaST.