deciBel Software


dBLibs is a collection of scientific and mathematical libraries designed and developed to support high-fidelity simulation of radar systems. dBLibs provide a common and consistent set of propagation, target modeling, and radar signal processing functions.

dBLibs is a copyright of deciBel Research and is distributed under the deciBel Research licensing terms.

6 DOF trajectory propagation
  • Multiple gravity models (WGS84, Spherical, J2, JGM3)
  • Target deployment modeling
  • Clutter deployment modeling
Target modeling which supports a variety of target representations and formats
  • Static patterns from various EM codes
  • N-point scattering files
  • Lincoln Laboratory APSM (augmented point scattering model) format
Sensor model receiver/antenna effects
  • Beam shape loss
  • Scan loss
  • Receiver noise
  • Digitization model
Models sensor geometry and motion effects
  • Antenna pointing
  • Platform motion
Radar signal processing functions
  • Pulse compression
  • Weighting and sidelobe suppression
  • Detection and range marking
  • Coherent processing
  • Monopulse
Radar data processing functions
  • Track filtering
  • Feature extraction
  • Discrimination
  • Scheduling