deciBel Research is a small business with a team of subject matter experts in modeling, simulation, and analysis. We are at the forefront in the design and development of digital and hardware-in-the-loop testing and evaluation tools. We have matured and integrated advanced radar track, discrimination, classification/identification, imaging, counter-countermeasures, fusion, and resource management algorithms for the most complex radar systems in operation today. These efforts have been backed by our peer-reviewed, high-fidelity, open source radar analysis, modeling, simulation, and real-time stimulation suite of tools.

deciBel Research supports our customers at the engineering, engagement, and mission levels of modeling and simulation. We have developed a set of C/C++ simulation tools and MATLAB-based analysis tools to provide a basis for composable emerging simulations. Our research and development efforts have yielded significant advancements and understanding in parallel, discrete event, and optimistic processing. We understand the practical application of model-based system engineering methods; what works, what does not, and what tailoring is required to meet our customer’s requirements.

deciBel Research is the prime contractor for the Missile Defense Agency Modeling and Simulation Contract for Truth Models and Element Representations (MASC-T). The scope of the effort includes development and sustainment of Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) truth models to include environments, lethality, signatures, and representations for elements that make up the BMDS.