Our sensor and system test and evaluation efforts include test planning, integration, test execution, and post-test analysis. In the test planning phase, we analyze the test objectives and scenarios and use our tools to establish how well these objectives will be met. In the integration phase, we install applicable software products and radar configuration files as well as verify their accuracy by conducting analysis of simulations of the test event via integration events and dry runs. We also provide integration of hardware in the loop representations within the established infrastructure and with the command and control, battle management, and communications. During test execution, we provide operators to execute the test event, subject matter experts to assist in troubleshooting, and responsible engineers to perform any hardware in the loop upgrades and maintenance. During the analysis phase, our analysts perform data collection and management, data reduction, data conversion, and a detailed analysis of the sensor performance against government-specified measures of performance.

deciBel Research leads flight and ground test activities as defined by the sensor or system Integrated Master Test Plan. We support these events both CONUS and OCONUS.